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Economic power. In Riesa.
In Riesa, we have been experiencing for more than 150 years who’s pulling the cart. We have a lot of entrepreneurial expertise in our region and this is the reason why it has developed into a multi-facetted industrial location. Successful companies look back upon a long tradition of investing into the future. Industries such as steel production, electronics, metalworking and tyres are this region’s trademarks along with chemical industry, food production and logistics.

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The people living in Riesa have welcomed these industries over several generations. Due to this tradition there has been a genuine heritage in certain professions for decades. Beyond this, the city counsellors and the municipal administration are glad to assist you in turning your entrepreneurial visions into reality. We know that it is a sound economy that provides people with a certain way of life and is the backbone for financing social benefits, culture and sports. This is the reason why Riesa will always do its best to bolster the economy.
Mayor Marco Müller
Marco Müller
Lord Mayor