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Welcome in Riesa.
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Welcome. To Riesa.
I would like to welcome you to the homepage of Riesa. The hallmark of our city is a modern economy that is driven not only by such products as steel, tyres, pasta and electronics but also our crafts and trades. Companies of all shapes and sizes find outstanding vistas for development here. Riesa also has earned a reputation as a sport city. Our athletes have won medals at the Olympic Games and various world championships.
Riesa is a thriving city with magnificently renovated houses, state-of-the-art educational institutes and a radiant cultural scene. Attractive residential areas and shopping locations make it a Mecca for people from all over the region. The Elba River bicycle path, our convent, the Noodle Centre and the largest iron sculpture anywhere in Europe draw tourists from the entire world.

I hope sometime I will be able to personally welcome you to Riesa. In the meantime, there’s a lot of find on Riesa’s homepage.
mayor Marco Müller
Marco Müller
Lord Mayor